Space is the essence of universe. This agathokakological aspect has the impregnable tendency to reveal the colour out of humdrum, aroma out of fetid, love out of antipathy, order out of hodgepodge, power out of impotence, thoughts out of dormancy, calm out of calamity, life out of death and vice versa. Space is created to fill that space. It is a cycle of place and displace.

"Extraordinary" circumstances make us think that it’s a misplacement. That’s why we are aggrieved. But here comes another player; time. Time and space run side by side. Just like space is the essence of universe, similarly, time is the essence of space. Time is the mercury of spacial thermometer. It elicits the intensity of space and makes us summon the courage to cope up with this space.

So, the space is filled by desires, aspirations, and memories. Desires and aspirations can be translated into tenable objects but memories can’t be because memories are the essence of life.

Give space to time, time will make space for you.




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Zaid Malik

Zaid Malik

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