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A News Monday in Trump’s America

Duterte has an invite to the White House. Ivanka’s on a billboard in Manila.

Emoluments clause — still not sexy, but still a thing.

Kim Jong-Un is a “smart cookie.”

Andrew Jackson was angry about the Civil War (he was dead). Also, he was apparently a “swashbuckler” (he was a slave owner).

“Why could that one not have been worked out?” (The Civil War.)

Carmine threatened a lawyer representing Trump victims, telling him, “If you keep fucking with Mr. Trump we know where you live.”

100 days is like 1000 years.

It hurts when you roll your eyes way up into your head.

Burr blows up the Senate Intel Committee, Nunes blew up the House Intel Committee.

Intel is short for intelligence. Intelligence is in very short supply.

Teachers of the Year were invited to the White House to sing “Happy Birthday” to Melania.

More slime oozes from the halls of Fox News. Fox News, voice of our leader.

Frown lines.

President markets a health care bill he has not read.

Calgon doesn’t work. Neither does clicking heels.

MSM calls President’s interviews “fact-free.”

Post-factual is a thing. After the fact. Alternative facts. Fact is fucked.

Yoga doesn’t help.

There’s not enough wine.

Monday monday.

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