Menopause and Mood: Why Do We Seem Angrier…Or Has It Always Been There?

I think that, while hormones certainly play their devilish part in this charming chapter, much can be said about cultural impact on women’s anger. Women in our position (still alive, pausing) have been told for decades that anger is not appropriate, not ladylike, not fucking allowed, and all that anger (because life inevitably generates anger) has to be dealt with eventually. I find that, these days (euphemistic for “perimenopause forever”), I’m just more comfortable saying my piece and confronting the bullshit in the world more honestly. I mean, seriously, are we just expected to put up with some of this shit FOREVER?!

I’m also, frankly, angry at this chapter that has tortured me for years. I’m trying to be all growth-oriented and meditative about it, but I’m ready for the actual butterfly stage now.


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