Kristi Coulter

I try to be measured and thoughtful in my use of the highlighter, I resisted the first 10 or 20 gorgeous lines that leapt out at me - ‘patience, there will be one or two’ - but then I couldn’t help myself and am worried I’ve highlighted the whole damned thing. Sorry about that.

This essay is perfect, in so many ways. Every woman on earth should read it. You are, I think, one of the best writers on Medium.

I’ve written a lot about drinking, most of it lame attempts at humor, but it’s a sad humor, isn’t it? Why do we all cover everything with alcohol, lubricate every situation with it? How much is okay? Is any okay? How am I supposed to be a girl in this world, anyway?

I’m taking a ‘break’. I don’t drink tons, even though I talk about it a lot -why do I talk about it a lot? But even a little can sometimes make me feel like shit. And when you’re not drinking, everyone is drinking SO much - you’re right. I’m seeking the balance. Seeking the slow-down, trying to get all those hours back.

I hated that commercial, they shoved it into my brain at 14, what a cruel thing to do to a young woman. Crafted by men, no doubt.