Thank you for this brilliant takedown of an evil, filthy, no-good bastard.
Sonny Bohanan

Oh god it’s like 2000 all over again. I was so depressed and disgusted and felt so powerless. Now you’ve got me all pissed off again!

You’re right and this is how the history should be told (the truth, imagine that in the history books), but it won’t be. Remember when Nixon died? He was honored like a hero, there was such an outpouring of respect and sadness, it was like being in a surreal film. He has no clothes, doesn’t anyone see?! The emperor is stark raving mad naked! Why aren’t we talking about that?!

As Paul A. Bromley says in his wonderful piece, “while celebrating death is wrong, if a man did not live in dignity or treat the life experiences of others with dignity when he was alive, do not expect his death to cause the people he treated as outcasts to forget that.”

But history is written by the winners, as someone said, and Bush will be lauded and memorialized with honor just as Nixon and Scalia and Reagan and all the other emperors torching the countryside in their birthday suits.

Now I’m depressed.