Ladies, Gird Your Loins
Kel Campbell

Oh my god where have you been? Can we have a drink or three (and, yes, I mean a drink — a straight-up, preferably gin-based experience, I’m sick to death of herbal concoctions and teas) because I think we have shit to discuss.

I have written about this here —

and here —

and can’t understand why my sisters aren’t screaming from the rooftops.

Thanks for talking about it, we should all talk about it, it’s real and it’s batshit crazy. I’m moving into the rage phase, I think, and am just so over the denial and the mincing about the epic roar-worthy nature of this chapter.

And it better be a chapter and it better be nearing its end or — well, I’m not sure what but it ain’t gonna be pretty.

Thank you thank you thank you. Hang in there.

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