How to write right

Okay (one of those words I use to death but I don’t care because I don’t want to lose my stream here) — I have to finally say something to you. I’ve been reading Evany (a name? such a lovely name!) all morning, making the little hearts green and maybe making you think you have a stalker, but no, it’s just me with a new favorite Medium writer! Well, maybe I’m being a little stalky but I absolutely (there’s another of my overcooked words) love love love everything I’ve read by you today and it’s been so fun to find a new voice that resonates, that makes me feel a little happier in this weird world.

Also, are we perhaps sort of twins? Much of what I’ve seen mirrors either my own experience or my own sensibilities or my own nonsense or something. But maybe that’s just you capturing, so eloquently, so elegantly, the modern, human, middle female experience. And, by the way — for what it’s worth — just last night I wrote a draft, took a bath, and rewrote whole parts of it afterwards. Just like you say. Parallel lives.

You are most excellent, Miss Evany, and I’ll probably stalk more but the worst that will come of it is this unedited rant and some green hearts. Happy New Year!

A coda, again for what it’s worth — I hit publish, read it and found 3 more typos. Only after hitting publish, of course. I fixed them, I think.

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