Thank You, Kid Cudi: An Open Love Letter
Sara Benincasa

Personally, I think it’s normal to feel depressed and have anxiety. Just not all of the time. We all go through it. No exceptions. The thing is how much of it can you take without hurting yourself or others. We get desperate, we feel trapped, we have expectations, people let us down, there is never enough money or time to do what we really want. Life is a struggle for the most part. We should normalize these states, not make them to be some sort of disease. The only option for it is radical self-care. Eat healthy, spend time in nature, stress reduction, doing things we love as often as possible. When we do that, others benefit from it. They might even want to do the same. Have a pill is not an option for most, unless you have serious disturbances such as schizophrenia or severe trauma. Frankly that song “Seance Chaos” made me cringe. I hated it. Kid Kudi just need to recharge and find himself. He got lost a bit along the way. If he’s worried that he is letting his fans down, that just proves that he should bring back the focus on himself. He will be fine…