Our Top 10 Free Dropshipping Resources

There needs to be a balance between how much time you spend researching how to dropship and the amount of time that you actually spend building your dropshipping business.

For when you have a question or need great insight, these are 5 of our favorite dropshipping resources to learn how to successfully create a dropshipping store.

Youtube Channels:

Tecademics 90-Day Ecom Challenge

  • Lots of great free content
  • Over 60 videos so far of knowledgeable content

Tim Kock’s Youtube Channel

  • Up and coming entrepreneur Tim Kock has produced a number of excellent Vlogs on unique techniques to grow your dropshipping site!

James Beattie Youtube Channel

  • Multiple Great videos covering everything from sourcing to Facebook ads.


Dropship Lifestyle Blog

  • One of the first to begin talking about dropshipping a few years ago
  • Great blog content but consistently pushes you to enroll in courses

A Better Lemonade Stand

  • Richard Lazazzera is a Shopify Veteran who helped grow Shopify from 60,000 to 200,000 shops before Shopify’s IPO
  • An essential resource for anyone involved with anything eCommerce

Reddit: r/dropship

  • Excellent Q/A forum to find dropshipping resources and learn from successful drop shipping resources

Shopify Blog

  • Consistently Updating Blog that has an incredible amount of content!

Free PDF Guides or Courses

Tim Kock — How I built a Profitable Dropshipping Business Without Spending Money on Ads

  • Excellent Read! Learn how to scale your own dropshipping business without spending money on Ads

Shopify Ultimate Guide to Dropshipping

  • No description needed… A great resource to get started

Adam Reed’s Youtube Video Series

  • Great set of youtube videos to learn the essentials of dropshipping!


There are a lot of great resources out there showing you how to dropship! The key is to actually take the first step and get started rather than simply reading though material!

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