Why you should add Etsy Products to Your Current Dropshipping Store

AliExpress Dropshipping is Getting Better, Which Means More Competition Enters the Market Daily

If you have ever looked into dropshipping or have your own dropshipping site, Aliexpress is the #1 supplier that you typically hear about for all your product needs. With low cost products, e-packet shipping and great Shopify apps like Oberlo, it is so incredibly easy to start an Aliexpress dropshipping business.

I believe the main reason that a lot of people first start with aliexpress dropshipping, is because how simple it is to get started. It is completely possible to wake up tomorrow, build a Shopify site with aliexpress products during the day, and sell your products with good Facebook Advertisements. This however is getting more and difficult as new shops open ever day to try and get a piece of the growing eCommerce space.

With the idea of launching your store fast and improving faster, we set out on a mission to create Spocket. Spocket is a Shopify app that allows Shopify store owners to connect with Etsy sellers to add beautiful items to your store in seconds. Etsy is a completely untapped marketplace that dropshippers have been quietly utilizing to grow their business over the past few years. Etsy has over 12,000,000 handmade items which you can utilize to grow and add to your product offerings.

Using Spocket, you can easily add Etsy products directly to your Shopify store in just a few clicks. It is incredibly important that you first reach out to an Etsy seller before reselling their products. You want to establish a partnership with an Etsy seller before you begin reselling their products.

If you have an existing successful Shopify store or you are just getting started, you can quickly add Etsy products to your shop. There are a number of big advantages from adding Etsy products to your store.

  1. Unique Product Offerings

People have been quietly drop shipping products from Etsy for years and have been making a killing in the process. With Etsy products, you are going to find truly unique high quality items that have been handcrafted with love. Looking to create an online store all about interesting geographic rocks? Etsy sellers have you covered. This brings us to our second big advantage of dropshipping from Etsy.

2. Higher Margins

Etsy products are definitely more expensive than the majority of products you will find on Aliexpress. Etsy products are typically much higher but on the flip side, you can also mark them up a lot higher due to their perceived value. We have already seen Spocket users mark up a $50 piece of jewelry to $90 and make sales!

3. Fast shipping

If you are looking to provide your customers fast shipping options for your customers, the majority of Etsy sellers will have your back. Etsy sellers typically have items to your customer’s door within 4–7 days, some even faster!


If you are currently running an Aliexpress dropshipping site using apps like Oberlo, you should look to Etsy to find unique product offerings for your customers. Try Spocket out for free today and add unique handmade products from Etsy to your store today.