College is not a safe space. It was never intended to be.
Trigger Warning: This Article May Piss You Off
Shaheen Pasha

I think, also, that both you and some protestors/activists have an inaccurate view of what a safe space actually is, and this Fusion piece hits the nail on the head.

“What Richard Dawkins hates about the idea of the university as a safe space is that the label is like a sign that hangs outside the classroom saying “Warning: Politics inside.” He wants to explain things, not be party to a ruthless critique of social relations and knowledge production. A safe space, despite the denotation of the phrase, is somewhere people come together and — in addition to whatever else they’re doing — wrestle with the chicken-and-egg problem of how to change themselves and the world at the same time. It’s an adventure that Dawkins would rather not risk, but he should be honest about who precisely is afraid."

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