30 Day Get-A-Job Challenge: Day 3

Zacchaeus Nifong
May 4 · 4 min read
Palo Verde Trees in Full Bloom, Tucson, AZ.

This post is a post, about another post. It’s kind of like the dude, playing dude, disguised as another dude. I hope you get the reference, but just in case you don’t, check out this link.

Yesterday I almost gave in a decided to “skip my dream job search” because my allergies were so bad that I had to leave my 9 to 5 early and get in bed. My head and neck were killing me. Every year after living in Tucson, I think my allergies have gotten worse. The palo verde trees here drop so much pollen, and the lack of grass means that each time the wind blows, everything becomes air born.

It makes for a horrendous mixture of allergens.

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell if I have the flu, or if it’s my allergies. Who knows, maybe I’m actually getting legitimately sick from the pollen and it’s turning into the flu. I don’t like to take OTC medication because it makes me feel like a crack addict. I would prefer to simply suffer through it and deal with the headaches and puffy eyes rather than subject myself to the side-affects of Claritin or Benadryl.

But alas! Mother Nature will not prevail.

This post is a fulfillment of a self-promise. It’s the follow-through of something I committed to executing every day, for 30 days. So even though I technically missed my job hunt, and Medium post yesterday, this post and job hunt update will keep me on track.

Day Three of Submitting An Application Per Day

I’ve been thinking about the different types of jobs and available career paths I could take right now. It’s been an interesting, forced, self-reflection of what types of jobs are on the market vs. what my skill sets are.

Types of Jobs and Career Choices

Below is an outline of the many varieties and choices of jobs that I’m encountering right now:

  • Remote Corporate Jobs: These are jobs and career paths that are tied to large, corporate entities like Amazon, Dell, Intuit, Oracle and others. These are full-time positions that have benefits, around 40 hours per work-week, but allow you the ability to telecommute (AKA “work from home”).
  • Remote Part-Time, Corporate Jobs: This category includes the above-mentioned companies, but are part-time. I use the word “corporate” here with little emphasis. These types of listings refer to corporate gigs, yes, but they also refer to working for other, smaller companies. This would include start-ups that need extra support, but you’re not brought on as an outside vendor (contractor), you’re actually an internal employee. It could potentially mean Microsoft, or Google as well, but most-likely these types of jobs are going to focus more on the start-up ventures.
  • Remote, Freelancer Jobs: Contractor jobs that other companies will send you a 1099 for, after your work is complete. This includes jobs from sites like Upwork.com, Inbound.org (read this post about why inbound.org shut down), and/or Catchafire.com.
  • New Clients for Canopy Digital: Potential new clients for my company Canopy Digital, LLC. I have a few proposals to submit right now; however, something that I’ve been struggling with as evidenced by some of my previous posts is that I’m struggling to find the right clients. I don’t want to submit a proposal for a 3K website.
  • Relocation Jobs: These are corporate jobs that require relocation. Some of these jobs might be Moz, Hootsuite, Google, and/or other digital marketing agencies that need my skills.
  • Local, Corporate Jobs: We’ve got some fairly good companies in the Tucson area like Oracle, Intuit, Amazon, and a few others. I’m going to outline each company in another post to really nail down the possibilities of staying in this area and landing a job like that.
  • International Jobs: International jobs include everything outside of the United States. Right now, I’m searching for jobs in the Middle East. Places like Qatar, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai are on my list. Right now, I’m learning that the job market there is saturated, but I have hope.

I’ve heard that some people get jobs when they volunteer for someone, and that job turns into a paid gig. I love non-profit organizations and during this time of my life, I feel that I need to get more recommendations and kudos from those I’ve worked with, in order to build up a solid reputation and trustworthiness.

So, for my third day in my 30-Day Challenge, I volunteered to work with a company overseas to improve their SEO and Content Marketing efforts. I found them through Catchafire.com. Let’s see what happens.

Zacchaeus Nifong

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I’m obsessed with growth. #DigitalMarketing I stand at the intersection of search marketing, analytics, & digital storytelling. https://zacchaeusnifong.com

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