Hackdays aren’t just for the tech department

With a little effort you can make your hackday inclusive to more people

Sophie and Alice getting some HTML done

The team and our idea

Physical Web illustration of pay meter, dog and some art broadcasting information to a phone.

Learning and making at the same time

The web is fun, let people have fun.

The results

Sophie and Alice’s Codepen website, complete with emoji link easter eggs
Alex’s line up site, with some JavaScript for the first time!

…I was surprised at how rewarding and gratifying the learning process was. Normally when you are learning a completely new skill (which this was for me 100%) there’s a long period where it’s really boring you don’t see any results of your new skills for ages. Using Codepen meant you can instantaneously see that ‘outcome’… — Sophie

The gang demoing their sites
Brandon showing us his first aid site