I am an Uber survivor.
Amy Vertino

I’ve been with Uber for almost two years now. I’m not using my real name because I don’t have authorization to speak on Uber’s behalf.

I really feel sorry for what Susan has gone through, and I feel sorry that this happens everywhere, everyday, in the Tech industry. I’ve been working for quite a while in as software engineer and I’ve seen things like that happening more than once. It’s time we clean this cultural stain on the industry. We might as well start with Uber, since we already have the momentum and we have good people in the company willing to make management put their money where their mouths are.

Fair warning: I may be super wrong here in what I will state next, and I apologize if that’s the case. But there are sooooo many holes on “not Amy” story that I cannot trust that this particular tale is true. From little details like mentioning that she had a company phone (my knowledge is that this is not a thing, specially for data folks) to bigger inconsistencies like suggesting that data analysts have any access to driver payment systems (they don’t!) this all seems really very fake. It plays on known stereotypes from “aggressive” companies and doesn’t add up to what really exists at Uber. I could go over each point that is simply impossible to exist on her text, but someone smarter than me has already done so in a much better way in Blind app (look it up if you can).

So whereas, as Uber employee, I could take offense on a possibly fabricated story that piles up on preconceptions that people already have of the company, my real revolt is that stunts like this take away from the real experiences that real victims like Susan and others went through. Their heroic fight and struggles motivate the fights of those like me and many others, still in the company, who are taking this unfortunate opportunity to push for meaningful changes from inside.

Our efforts, though, get weakened when people hijack the tremendous and strong sympathy that we all should have for the real victims and turn this into a “burn the house down” movement based on false stories. One can only dread the motivation behind… :(

Please let’s not do that. Let’s fight the good, real fights. In honor of all those that have real sufferings, let’s not make up false victims…

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