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You are missing the point here. She might have the reasons to be anonymous and that by itself wouldn’t make me disregard the story. I have my reasons and I’m definitely someone that works at Uber. (why would I be saying what I say if I were not?). So ironic as you may think it is, that’s how we are playing it here.

It’s the sum of holes that discredit this tale. E.g. TK does not interview anyone below director level for a few years now… is her story something that happened now or 4 years ago? Is it recent? Did she leave the time line loose to allow the story to withstand questions like mine (so it’s really a fake story) or was she hiding it to ensure anonymity (which would be a reasonable situation). Etc, etc.

She can sue the hell out of Uber if she is telling the truth. And she would be getting only supporting reaction from folks in industry that are sensitive to her cause right now, as most of the other comments in this thread can proof. So, again, although anonymity is not by itself a reason to dismiss her story, in the whole context it doesn’t do her credibility any good.

See, I might be wrong here, and I’ll eat dust if I am. And if she is a real victim I’ll be feeling like crap for doubting her.

But I won’t be feeling bad for not taking things in their face value in this age of smearing news. I saw someone from the media offering to reach out to her and get the full story. I hope that happens and that he does the full verification job on our behalf.

It just doesn’t feel like I’m wrong on this one…

And you don’t need to believe me on the phone thing! In fact, I want to believe in you! I do want a corporate phone and I’ll use your info to boost my case here.😉
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