Black & White: Isn’t it a beautiful thing?

Black and White. Dark and Light. The embodiment of contrast. Completely different but at the same time harmonious.

As I write this, I am typing this document on a white page with black text. When I was in my journal, chicken scratching notes earlier in the week, I was writing on white paper with a black pen. Have you ever stopped and thought about this? Why not a white gel pen on white paper, a black sharpie on black construction paper? Well, you probably have not because, at first thought, it would be silly to write like this. You wouldn’t be able to see your writing.

Not to be philosophical but why would you want to see your own writing? Why would you want to see someone else’s writing? Why do you want to see mine?

My answer to the first two questions would be because I value it (I don’t know why anyone would have a good answer to question three.) Let me be the annoying marketer trying to get to the root of the thoughts for a second, why do you find value in your or other’s writing.

My guess is that if you thought about it deep enough, your answer would have something to do with the message that the writing is communicating. This means that yes you can add beauty and color, moving elements and sounds, but if you don’t have a meaningful message or a clear objective, there is a good chance you will be ignored, scrolled past, or otherwise blocked out.

Disclaimer if you are judging my work, then great! I want to hear your thoughts (like for real, comment, tweet, message on any platform; I am easy to get ahold of) but keep in mind I am writing with a purpose that is not focused on clarity in the short term but rather long-term communication for myself.

And here is a little life hack. Now that you know or at least are reminded of the beauty and appeal of black and white, you can use this knowledge to streamline and focus your day as a consumer. I don’t know about you but I love what my phone can do. Outside my laptop, which serves as my workstation, school notebook, and my typewriter, I consume all my content on my phone. But when I need to focus, my phone can sometimes be a distraction. I have read several articles and watched several videos (all on my phone, I know ironic right) that have taught me a lot about streamlining my process. One of these tips that I picked up was to switch your phone to black and white during the workday. Moving to the simplicity of black and white throughout the day has seriously caused me to honestly lose interest in the Facebooks, Instagrams, and YouTubes of the world. And for the content that I normally need to consume, having my phone in black and white helps me focus on the message itself. As a consumer, I can be easily distracted by the colors and movement, but if you’re someone like me, sometimes it’s important to not be distracted and focus on what is being said.

So to that high school art teacher that said your artwork was too boring in black and white, feel free to send them this blog. And today, tomorrow, or whenever you get the chance to sit down and take a breath, look for what is being communicated around you and let me know if you find the beauty in the Black & White.