Buying Green Day

Merch is an often overlooked income stream when it comes to musicians. The extra $200-$300 that merch brings in usually isn’t counted for much but it could make the difference in the long run. Some artists have recognized this importance and put it to great use. Let’s look at Green Day for example.

To look into Green Day’s march selection, I opened up their store and immediately went to their “best sellers” section. Amongst the perfunctory t-shirts and hoodies, there were also things like Green Day branded zippo lighters, coffee mugs, and pint glasses. In items like these, I see not only good business sense, but their ability to think like a fan. These are common items that they’ve simply put their stamp on. You get something to drink your next beer out of, and they get increased revenue and free advertising. Seems like a great deal, on both ends, to me.