Data Points for Week of March 27th: 6 Must-Read Articles in Digital Marketing and Data Analytics

Writing with ‘oomph | Creating a fresh social media presence | Leveraging SEO so that people can find your website | Speeding up load times so people don’t ditch your website

Hello all. It’s a Monday, which nobody likes, but it’s also spring, which everyone likes. I would call it even except for the fact that we have not five but six great articles for you today. Read up.

  1. 7 Easy-to-Forget SEO Steps You Need to Consider Every Time You Publish- Good content that people can find is great. Good content that no one can find is a waste of time. Make sure your content is the former by leveraging your SEO.
  2. Ann Handley on How to Make Your Writing ‘Ludicrously Spectacular’- Ann Handley is a fantastically awesome source that encourages extra-spectacular writing in order to draw in a raving audience. I might not be so good at it, but you probably will be after reading this article.
  3. How Page Load Time Affects Conversion Rates: 12 Case Studies [Infographic]- People are lazy and have short attention spans so if your website takes longer than three seconds to load, you’re in trouble. Avoid getting into trouble by fixing your website with these tips.
  4. Humanize Your Brand: 3 Ways to Create a Visual Social Media Calendar- Compelling content is the key to making your social media brand go viral. What is “compelling” you ask? Well, this article will teach you.
  5. How Big Is Your Metric Share in Google Analytics?- Technical articles take a lot of energy to read and don’t have fun pictures, but the results they produce are often worth the time and effort. This one will help you analyze your Google Analytics numbers. Do it for the results.
  6. The 6 Values (and 4 Benefits) of Agile Marketing — Whiteboard Friday- Operating in the modern digital marketing landscape is tough. You need to make like a rabbit and constantly (no, not what you’re thinking…) adapt and adjust in order to survive. The agile marketing method will help you do just that.

Do you feel smarter? We do. If you don’t, then I don’t believe you actually read them. Go on, it’ll be good for you.

We’ll be back with another dose of articles next week. See you then!

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