My Favourite Drug: Invincibility

I often reminisce in envy on a period in my life when I was constantly high on invincibility. It was a period defined by the pervasive sense that the world was my oyster and nothing could go wrong. The thought of consequence was never a thought and I’d throw myself at life without concern of where I might land. This attitude brought on a virtuous cycle which invited more risk taking, and in turn, greater reward from my accomplishment whether it be hitting a bigger jump on my snowboard or venturing further off the beaten path in my travels.

But like all drugs, exhilarating highs are matched with painful lows. In my case, a chronic shoulder injury and a brutal post concussion recovery put me on the side lines. Not only was I unable to engage in the sports I loved, but worst of all, I now felt vulnerable and consequence became very real. Unfortunately, invincibility is cousins with ignorance — once you see life from a perspective, you can never go back. As we get older, consequence seems to play a bigger part in our daily calculus on life. I’m constantly torn between trying to conjure the spirit of invincibility and listening to the voice of reason but something tells me the middle ground is no place to be. If you’ve got a link on invincibility (or that Men In Black gizmo), I’m in the market.