Throughout chapter 4 of Introduction to Sociology, I found that our society has become very different over time. We started as hunter gathers and now we live in a society where the main way of communicating is over text. I find this so fascinating because to go from a society where all we did was band together to communicate, to now relying on texts to get a hold of people is such a far advancement on what we are able to do if we work together as a society.

If I had to choose what society I would want to live in, I would choose our society, the Information society. In our text it says this about our society, “Information societies are rooted in the production of information and services” (Openstax, Pg. 79) I would choose this society, because it’s very easy to get a hold of people in a faster and easier way. If I lived back in the feudal age, where you would send letters and have to wait for a response back, I don’t think I could get anything done until I got a response back. Our technological advances have really, in my opinion, helped us to create more things and at a faster rate. I also like that our current society isn’t solely based on factories, but more so on individual jobs that collectively work together over a network of systems.

I believe that I have experienced the alienation from one’s self the most out of all the types of alienation. “Alienation is the condition in which the individual is isolated and divorced from his society.” (Openstax, Pg. 82) This has happened to me when I was working at Chick Fil A, because I would always tell my manager that I hated being the runner, but he always put me there. After I while I began to feel disconnected form my job, so I began to take no pride in what I did there. It was so easy to get disconnected, because I felt that I wasn’t being heard, so I decided to just quit trying.

I am ascribed the status of son, male, teen, which is very true because I am all of these things, and these are things that I can’t choose. These are given to you no matter what just based on yourself. The achieved statuses I occupy are one that I choose to have. I am a college student, and an undecided major. I chose these statuses, because I want to go to college, not everyone does. I also decided to go undecided as a major, because I feel that I could be suited for many different majors.