Why Peaceful Parenting Is Important

The parents who usually commit on regulating their emotions rather than letting them come out on their children are called the peaceful parents. Such parents are essentially the ones who think of it as forbidden practice to punish or shame the kids on order to control them.

So, the question is why it is important to commit to this type of parenting. Well, it doesn’t only work for the toddlers but also helps in retaining connection with the teens. Peaceful parenting basically helps in raising the kids who would want to behave well.

On the other hand, punitive parenting installs anger in the kids. Such kids lose their interest in respecting their parents. Permissive parenting also is not the ideal way to go because it gives children the free hand to use belligerent ways to test their parents. Hence, both these extreme parenting styles do not help in internalizing self-discipline.

Now, peaceful parenting is all about providing love and connection-based support to the kids in order to keep them on the right path. According to a study, the kids of peaceful parents anticipate and welcome guidance because of the love and empathy they receive. Hence, they try hard to avoid anything which would have the capacity to turn peaceful parents into the punitive ones.

Why spanking is the bad idea?

Whenever there is a discussion about disciplining children, many people think of it as something which can only happen if you are punitive towards your children. Nevertheless, research shows that punishing the children can teach them every wrong lesson they shouldn’t learn. For instance, the children who are punished more tend to think that right only comes with might. They also think that it’s OK to punish the vulnerable ones. They also have the perception that the ones who love you have the right to hurt you.

In other words, the children who are punished more become more aggressive as kids, more rebellious as teens, and more depressed when they enter into the adult age.

Why peaceful parenting is the right way to go?

There are so many drawbacks of punitive parenting that anyone may wonder what the benefits of this parenting style might be. Well, the answer is that there is no long-term benefit which you can get if you are a punitive parent. So, what’s the right way of parenting in order to discipline children in the ways they would like to behave? Surely it’s the peaceful parenting. Peaceful parenting is all about providing love, support and connection to the kids in such a way that they would value their relationship with the parents.

And for the ones who think that disciplining children is mainly about punishing them, it’s worth mentioning the literal meaning of discipline. Word ‘discipline’ is basically associated with ‘disciple’, which comes from the verb ‘to teach’.

Remember, the problem is not the behavior; it’s relationship

The most common reason for the problem behavior is the lost connection. When children are not ideally connected to their parents, they show problem behavior. Hence, peaceful parenting tends to rebuild and strengthen the very connection which should be present between children and the parents.