A Mail Leak I May Like

In the spirit of Making A Difference Following One Course Until Success.

Your goal as it is is to better your best. Unleash your destined potential and show what you are made of. Your true colors. It behooves us to reflect on this matter. I hope your are in deed striving and fighting the battles of life outright in faith. As a matter of concern, remember that though it may seem an eternity of waiting for the outcome, God’s promises to you are Yea and Amen. As He knew the plans set for you, your self proclaimed blessing shall not linger but arrive in time.

It may not be for you to see,

The meaning and the mystery,

Of all that God has planned for you,

Till “afterward”!

You have embarked on a number tasks and applications. Hopefully, you gave all your devotion. Some folks I know also embarked on this historical undertaking. By the time you arrived at the conclusion of pursuing your dreams, I regard the thorough consideration and reflection you had. I assure you this will poise you to greatness. Maintain the focus, solicitate help if need be, proof and confirm as well as rectify and or update any information to work on your favor. The impetus to always remain second to none is endowed within you. It’s who you are, and it surely accompanies you wherever you go. Your strong persona attests to this, never has the World awaited for your impact like it is now. Hurry up, become distinguished. Leave a mark of greatness, become the venerated icon. Let your success be embellished in our hearts all over. Make this place better than you found it.

Not yours to know the reason why

Unanswered is your prayers,

But yours to wait for God’s own time

To lift the cross you bear.

Caution though, never indulge in anything bringing you down. You ought to remain psyched up. Avoid, restrain and ignore any such characters infusing discomfort, and or dragging you behind. Sometimes you are stronger alone, and synergising should aim at giving a net positive return. This is a new year, a new era of doing tasks differently. Always better, always making success the prerequisite goal. Giving back is fulfilling.

Many things that others say

Are not for us to tell;

Help us, Lord, to watch our tongue-

We need to guard it well.

In pursuit of excellence, never cling to mediocrity. Never tolerate superiority for others at the expense of your own stature as well as freedom and contentment. For instance, don’t bother being the greet-greeter you know I care- hi, hey…hello! You also have a life to mind your own business. If they don’t bother, why should you unnecessarily? If they don’t care, why should you do so so much? I didn’t say you turn detached and adopt an I don’t care attitude. I actually adore your composure, enthusing so will be so wrong. What a fallacy! How mistaken you’ll be. Don’t stoop too low either. Please refrain from evil or irrelevant talks. The criteria for distinguishing one engagement from the other solely lays in your hands, and perhaps your comfort is the one to guide you. No man is an island too. However, make sure you embrace this saying as you interact with those stimulating you as you aim higher, not to be toppled by those venerating and adoring you at the expense of your personal growth and intellectual vitality. Ignoring this will mean you are postponing your death. To avoid this, always be consistent epitomizing an edfying character.

The pleasures of this sinful world

Are meaningless and vain;

But if you love and follow God,

True purpose you will gain.

Exercise Creative Thinking, Assertiveness, Self Control and Discernment. As you think win win, put first things first as you have already began with an end in mind. Be time conscious, operate as if you’ve got 24++ hours a single day. Be thankful too for what you’ve got. Remain polite, and control your temper too. Approach challenges head on. Sometimes, and most of the times; failure and adversities overcame in awe becomes the condiment giving success the sweet flavor and fulfillment. The more verbal the jabs and vitriol in politics, the more livelier the coverage turns out. Interest therefore becomes the soil in which Knowledge and intelligence grows. A clear and honest reflection of where you coming from will make it clear that problems are the guidelines and stepping stones towards success.

When we’re transformed and made brand-new

We see things differently

What once seemed right we now abhor,

And wrong we clearly see.

Here you enigmatically realise how important you are. If it is to be, its upto you. A better brighter future and tomorrow is awaiting for you. Maintain. Uphold the faith. Honored yet again to remind you. Pursue excellence.

You have been through the valley of weeping,

The valley of sorrow and pain,

But the God of all comfort was with you,

At hand to hold and sustain you.

Cast out your fears, and start now. This is the perfect time for MADFOCUS. It shall be well.

Thank you in advance.

Warm Regards,

Zacharia Ria.