App Design


For the past week I have been working on designing an app for homeowners. I focused on more urban areas and animals, specifically pests. Every home owner had the nightmare of an infestation. Whether it be termites, rats, or cockroaches, any uninvited guests are exactly that: unwanted. To combat this, I designed an app that is a communal service to all homeowners. It allows them to post about their infestations, giving details about their experience.

This way, people can share what has happened to them and help prepare others. It also takes into account their location, meaning they can see what their neighbors have dealt with and what they might be prone to. The idea is to help spread awareness and prepare one another for the unfortunate possibility of an infestation. The details are exactly what someone needs to assure they are informed.

While developing this app, I found it very interesting to see what all needed to be included. Deciding what was relevant, useful, and absolutely necessary was a crucial part of the experience, but also one of the most difficult. I had never realized how much thought goes into the most simple of products. Every page had to be thought out, interconnected to the rest, and then designed. Much more goes into design than just the layout.

My favorite part of this experience, was thinking about the connections between the pages of the app. Thinking about how it was to be navigated was interesting because I had to think about where people would most likely go next, as well as what should always be accessible. It is like creating a maze based on how you think people will try to traverse it. I truly have never thought that way before.