Announcement: Music Reviews Forthcoming of Upcoming Releases by Fairly Known Artists

Hello, everyone. You may know me as a writer of short stories who has been shilling my work here, but I also do something else.

For four or five years, I wrote music reviews for a major web publication. (I’m hesitant to name names, because I tried my own experiment to raise some funds at this time last year when I was down and out that perhaps didn’t have the best optics, and so that relationship didn’t end very well — though I did have my supporters for what I was trying to do. If this sounds vague, just do a Google search on my name. A lot of what’s out there is factually incorrect click-bait, but it’ll basically give you a rough idea of what I was trying to do. Read: Make money from my work.)

After that, I tried a music blog for about nine months.

Life circumstances kind of took me away from that for a bit. And, truthfully, now that I’m a freelance contractor, my time is at a bit of a premium. My hours are irregular, and paying gigs come first.

However, I still get sent albums in advance of new albums by publicists. Sometimes, they let me break “embargo” and allow me to talk about a new album weeks in advance.

I have two or three albums that I want to write reviews for and post here, just as an experiment. They’re all either new stuff that will be released in February, or be re-released in that month. (I do reissues, too.) So far, the publicists have said, “Go for it.” A review or two should be posted over the weekend, depending or not on whether I have to work this Saturday or Sunday (which could be a possibility). I’m hoping to see if that gains any traction here. So far, my short stories have been a bit of a bust, but those are more of an investment of time for the reader and self-indulgence on my part. My music reviews, depending on whether the record label is known or not, tend to run 400 to 1,000 words. So, essentially, at most, five minutes of your time.

I’m hopeful that this is an experiment that works. Generally, I have enough press assets (such as great press photos and album cover art!) to make things look snazzy. Plus, I get links to tracks to share. Sometimes.

I’ll really need your help on this, though. Shilling short fiction is one thing, as that’s more my baby and, again, a self-indulgence, but music reviewing requires the good will of the publicists I’m in contact with. I’d love to go back to them with screen shots of my stats page and say, “See, this was an experiment that worked, and is a viable and great medium for this sort of thing.”

I think that I do good work as a critic that is of value to a readership, even without the safety net of a publication. (You may beg to differ, and that’s okay!) I don’t get huge major label stuff necessarily, but some of the stuff is big name enough in a number of genres and might have a bit of a popular following. If none of what I have to offer rings a bell, well, put it this way, you might learn of an act you never heard of before, at least. And it may inspire you to buy or not buy it — or stream it, at least.

So I’m just letting you know that some stuff looks like it is forthcoming. I am hopeful that I’ve have some time to craft some material in the next few days.

Again, any help you have to give in sharing what I have to share is appreciated.

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