If You Work From Home (or Aspire to) You Must Read This
Benjamin P. Hardy

I just started working from home again, after 5 years of go-nowhere government contracts. It remains to be seen how successful this is, but, 4 days in, it looks like I have a 2-week contract or thereabouts that could lead to more contract work, or a job that exists 5 blocks from where I live. (Which might as well be kinda working from home.) Plus, I have another client that has offered work. And another 2 clients waiting to hear back from. If there’s any success in this? It took me about 3 to 4 weeks of self-marketing to get to this point — and I estimate that maybe only 2 percent of people I contacted by e-mail got back to me positively. And, helping me, is that I have about 20 years worth or experience — much of which was earned in offices. So this might not be the lifestyle for all, but, right now, it all seems doable.

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