Why I stopped reading in 2015
Yann Girard

I know the feeling. I used to be a voracious reader, but I think I only read one book cover-to-cover this year (Barbara Taylor Brown’s excellent An Altar in the World), but started and stopped so many of them, I probably couldn’t count.

Part of it may be that I was watering a music blog in 2015, and was very busy with that. Part of it was that I was pretty depressed most of the year. The reason? I’ve had employment issues the past couple of years, so keeping my head above water (or trying to) was more important, I suppose, than a book.

I’m hoping to get back into the habit of reading. Part of that, and this will probably seem like a shill, is that I’ve decided to use Medium to post my own short stories. I have 15 previously published or unpublished stories up, with more to follow in the days ahead, so maybe that’ll get the creative juices going again — as a fiction writer and a reader.

In any event, if you like generally oddball stuff, please do check those stories out. It would do a lot to nurture someone kind of struggling in some respects right now! (Shill over.) Anyhow, agree with most of the sentiment in this article. Glad to have read it.