Let your analytics have the conch

Your analytics for Twitter and Facebook and emails have something important to say! Sort of like, “I have the conch!” … and things get out of hand if you speak without the conch. And by out of hand, we mean wasting your own time. Tick-Tock.

And this matters … why?

Your analytics will tell you the most popular types of content, the best times for your audience to engage with your content and if video and photos are always worth the extra effort.

If you could cut out the bottom third (least effective tweets) you’d engage more frequently and likely grow more followers with less work. And who doesn’t want that? And if you replace that bottom third with tweets that fit into the style, content pattern and time of your most popular tweets, you can hold the conch at your next social media networking party. So e-vite your analytics to your favorite work calendar.

What about the conch again?

In ‘Lord of the Flies,’ the conch was eventually a curse to Piggy. Don’t let your analytics get rolled over by a rock. Take the time to take them seriously so you can be more effective with less.

Be a Pro

We all have someone who wants us to post something to social media, some ‘thing’ that isn’t inspiring. That’s where a snippet of data can boost your case that ‘announcement’ into ‘content.’ So be prepared to expound on their idea so that it benefits both of you.