Amanda Burch - So Down to Earth Aliens Should be Scared

Made a Condom Ad and Stared in it Too

Not many copywriters star in their own ad. In fact, none that I know of. But that’s what Amanda Burch just did. So, I guess staring at strangers can do wonders for one’s career. This award-winning writer writes everything from short films to mission statements.? She’s now doing awesome work at New Honor Society in California.

What about the WORK

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Her newest work is for the female condom where she stars in her own ad. Naked, with a bunch of pixels so it’s kind of SFW. Just recently the work was recognized by Adweek. Not only is this female condom the only FDA approved condom, but it looks super funky and works kind of like a male condom except for females. It has some amazing lines in the video like “pink petite canoe”, “little debbie”, and “like having sex with a bike.” I wish I came up with those lines but I don’t have a vagina I have the bike. She’s a super down to earth spokesperson with amazing jokes. Maybe she should try stand up comedy.

Her tone of voice can also be heard in this Belkin ad campaign. petite but bold and to the point. I’ve broken my phone before and I get it. It’s painful. But she makes the survival of the phone seem cute and effortless. I smiled just looking at their cuteness.

I like work that does something for a good cause, just like her female condom ad. She also has an ad for The American Cancer Society’s Annual Shave to Save Fundraiser The headline is amazing.”If you have have hair give it”. So simple and so meaningful and so impactful. Covering all the different kinds of hair we all have. And if you can do good work like that you should be famous.

Too Many Condoms and so Many Favorites.

I guess I love your work it seems so effortless. I hope you star in more ads! You’re better than the Old Spice Guy. If I could suggest one thing though, show off your Telly Award for Student Documentary and your other award-winning work. But if that work isn’t helping you find new work I guess not. Also, how do I get to your Etsy Page?

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