Jeremy Ian AKA Salvador Dalí

Who’s Jeremy??

Jeremy Ian is one of those Art Directors that works on projects that most creatives dream of doing and some creatives end up attempting at art school. I ask myself with most of your work “What came first the work, the brief, or the really lucky client?”

It’s sad to note that it’s been 3 years since he’s worked. But he did work at FCB, Traffik, JWT, and McCann. The question is “Can he do social?”


Banana and Orange Kit Kats? Did Kit Kat actually run this? It looks like dalli did it or some crazy mystical magician; maybe Photoshop. I wish words could describe how cool this ad is because there are no words on this ad, obviously. I mean I want to take a crack at this in social. Maybe gifs that reveal weird things in fruit?? Does it have to be the Kit Kat in the orange? Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?

On to a more serious topic, Chimps! I did not know chimps are dying because of the bushmeat trade. That is so sad. But thank god Baluku survived. Thank god for the Jane Goodall institute for funding this ad and for caring for Baluku. “Human See Human Do” doesn’t do Baluku justice, but the art does! How come the Art Directors Club didn’t pick this up?

On to a non-ad work. Your illustration style is insane. Do you contribute to the Sunday comics?? The enlarged head caught my eye to be honest. I wish it had a category that said illustrations so I knew what I was looking at instead of just some large heads. The large heads look like they think big; any relationship to the ad work? Maybe…

I rest my case, Jeremy you have mad skills dude! I’m sorry the biz is ignoring you. Maybe turning your old campaigns into social campaigns could be interesting. Who knows maybe the people who work on Oreo will take interest in your style, Kit Kat did!