The Far Left Is Still Out Of Touch With Black Voters
Marcus H. Johnson

Having read it, I agree that Vox is wrong. Obama is not acting as a politician, so there’s no reason to believe this — or any of those other examples — are conflicts of interest. But I’m no closer to understanding the problem or even the point this is supposed to prove. That most Sanders supporters, which I guess is synonymous with “the far left” because that’s basically the only example given, hate Obama because Vox wrote a bad article?

I do recall Sanders saying about not getting “distracted” by identity politics, which I disagreed with, but to suggest this is the full extent of his policy is to ignore all of this: Likewise, I keep hearing about his hostility toward people who aren’t white men, but what I actually see from him is supportive statements outweighing the questionable ones. Even so, I guess it’s possible “talk is cheap” & he didn’t do enough outreach on the campaign trail.

I don’t know how I’d determine that, but even more I don’t know what convincing me of that is supposed to accomplish. Unless Sanders runs again & people are interested in voting for him, his decisions seem totally irrelevant for the future, & certainly aren’t relevant now. Sanders has gone back to his job as a senator, any outreach that would be going on would be conducted by organizations inspired by him, such as the Justice Democrats.

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