Improve your App by Connecting the Dots.
Jamie Dihiansan

The unsung hero here is you “Assign to me” functionality. I’m trying to bring my work around to this idea at the moment. Just because you build a fantastic piece of software that can do everything doesn’t mean that your user wants to do everything every time. Further, taking the opportunity to flaunt your impressive suite of functionality with every button click just seems down right gratuitous. But so many companies seem terrified that they might not provide 1 user the exactly the right piece of arcane functionality right there one screen that it has to plastered on almost every control just in case the user get’s the thirst for changing a tick box on a whim.

The more I think about it the more I’m enamored but the idea of making just making the mundane decisions for the user not and not bothering them with all these details. If they want to play in the nuts and bolts then make it easy for them to change within a few clicks but I feel it’s good practice to keep the UI clean and simple and just be happy with pleasing the 80%. I might have misunderstood but I think I’m correct in saying that your “Assign to me” tick fits this practice well, bravo!