oh so youre ok with Donny filling his cabinet with former hedge fund managers and big bankers, got…
Rick Infinity

Well again most of your claims are made by someone who has the only smallest grasp of understanding of the situation.
The big banker you referring to was with a bank 12 years ago and since they have been in politics and the public eye has spoken out against them.

Reasons you lost this election and will continue to lose this election is because you paint anyone who disagrees with you as ignorant, bigoted, idiotic and uneducated.
Then you go to make claims which show you’re not really aware of the situation, that you’re really not operating with the facts, that you are pushing narrative instead of seeking the truth and it hurts your credibility and in turn makes you look like an ass.

But, if self-awareness was a common trait with libbies you wouldn’t be so confused as to why you guys lost, other then blaming white people then claiming you’re not the party of racists.

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