Plot Twist: Drop The Mask

With it being Halloween today, I know that there will be a lot of people out there putting on make up or masks and enjoying being someone else for a night. I get it! For a lot of us it feels great to forget about who we are for little while. We can step out disguised into the land of make-believe leaving behind our pain,worries,guilt,our stress and the responsibilities associated with our day to day lives..But for me, this year will be a little different. Because I have recently discovered that taking off the masks that we hide behind in our daily lives and giving ourselves permission to be ourselves all of the time is one of the most liberating acts of self love that one can demonstrate. So I will be showing up today as me to celebrate being free from the beliefs that have perpetuated my masquerade in the past. Speaking from experience @zachary_durocher #happyhalloween #plottwist #speakingfromexperience #removethemask #daretobeyourself