Tell Me When

Can anyone explain to me what is the good reason for police to have the right to apprehend someone on suspicion of being a bank robber, but essentially for a broken taillight?

And knowing that this is normal police behavior… why a bank robber would have a broken taillight?

But, of course, I’ll ask why a man can’t reach for his wallet near his legal firearm after he lets the officer know it’s there? All the while not understanding the officer’s suspicion: he could be a bank robber with a legal, cop-killing gun.

Could the honest explanation be, “Hey, you should know, I pulled you over for looking like someone bad”? How would that fly? In two words: not well. But subsequently it may have not been an admission so tragic as to what actually happened to Philando Castile.

Castile was black. He died because he was profiled. He died because he did not understand the officer was precisely as scared for his life as 7 shots can fire into a car with a woman and child. His killer was likely acquitted because there is reasonable doubt to what Castile was reaching for. Yet, this was so obviously a tragedy that could have been avoided.

We can talk about who is to blame, who is more evil — Us or Them or Me or You — all the way to the center of the earth. But tell me what we can also do in Dignity. Tell me how we are in this together. Tell me when we begin to value Human Life as much as we value our own Reasoning. Tell me when Reform becomes a word that doesn’t shutter the window. Tell me when it doesn’t matter that the high-ups are gonna double-down. Tell me when reflection is an asset to wisdom and not just an affirmation of reasonable doubt.