Loving who you are doesn’t mean you hate others. If you’re Asian, Black, Hispanic, or White…embrace it & love it. You can’t change it. I swear people get black love or being pro black confused with hating or discriminating other races/ethnicities. Yes, there’s radicals that do, but that’s not what it is. Most of us grow up with insecurities & self hate. We (Our community) grew up without images of beauty or intelligence that looked like us (people of color). In my experience, my grandmother didn’t look like me, my favorite characters on tv (besides Will smith) didn’t look like me. I remember picking the white toys over the black toys, I remember thinking for years I’d eventually look like my grandma (through adolescent ignorance & seeing images of young MJ & older MJ not understanding vitiligo) & that one day my complexion would be white like hers & life would be better, I remember drawing cartoons of white superheroes from my imagination & black bad guys. I hate that I once wondered what life would be like if my grandmother married a white guy, or if my great grandpa wouldn’t have married a Native American. Once I realized my melanin would never reduce, it honestly took a while to accept that. I remember being 10 years old searching up skin lighteners. It took me until maybe 6th-7th grade & some Tupac to accept it. It took me until maybe 10th grade to love it. & I can only imagine that there are other stories with people of color (I mean Asian, Hispanic, Indigenous & Black) having similar feelings growing up. On the flip side, I can imagine white people possibly having similar stories as well. My point is, whatever you are, whoever you are, love you, embrace you & accept you. Don’t tell someone that being pro-black,Asian,white, or Hispanic is a bad thing, especially if you don’t understand it, use that opportunity to learn instead of insult. Don’t combat that with saying “be pro-human”. We don’t feel bad for being human, we don’t feel ashamed for being a human, we don’t get stereotyped for being human, but there are people that feel bad, feel ashamed & become stereotyped for being a certain ethnicity/race.