Dynamic programming has an intimidating reputation, but when you get down to it the concepts are actually fairly simple.

In this post I’ll attempt to expose the simplicity of dynamic programming and diminish its intimidating reputation. I’ll do this by optimizing the classic algorithm problem: Find the nth number in the fibonacci sequence. I’ll start off with a bad solution and work my way to the most optimal.

Solution Overview:

  1. Basic Recursive Implementation (Time: O(2ⁿ), Space: O(n))
  2. Recursive Implementation with Memoization (Time: O(n), Space: O(n))
  3. Bottom Up Iterative Implementation with Caching (Time: O(n), Space: O(n))
  4. Bottom up Iterative Implementation (Time: O(n), Space…

Elizabeth Holmes — Founder of Medical Device Startup Theranos

I recently read Bad Blood, an incredible book that chronicles the meteoric rise and subsequent fall of the biomedical device startup Theranos. Elizabeth Holmes, the blue eyed blond haired founder of Theranos basically lied herself into a 9 billion valuation, and therefore an approximate net worth of 4.5 billion. Eventually the smoke dispersed and the mirrors cracked and fraud was exposed.

The first most obvious take away from Bad Blood is how far one can go with great salesmanship. Despite having little to no tangible advancement in blood testing technology Holmes was able to deploy a “fake it till you…

Peter Thiel is the founder of PayPal, Palantier, and various investment funds including a hedge fund and a venture capital firm. He’s a self proclaimed contrarian thinker who looks at the business world from a very original and logical frame of reference. Because of this there are many opinions and observations made by Thiel that may be difficult to find elsewhere. I am very interested in Peter and have been studying his content for a while. Here are a few of the business lessons that I’ve absorbed while studying Thiel.

Peter Thiel

Build a Monopoly

Thiel argues that the most successful tech companies are monopolies…

First things first, let’s have a look at a few graphs. Here’s the price of Bitcoin since its creation:

Here’s the Gartner Hype Cycle:

Zach Taylor

Software Engineer — San Francisco

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