24 Hours of “The Sandlot.”

I’m very surprised that this hasn’t happened yet. I looked it up, and the closest anyone has come to a 24 hour sandlot marathon was a “baseball movie marathon” sponsored by a minor league team in North Carolina. I’m in no way taking credit for this idea, or claiming that I’m the only one who’s ever thought of this. But this is something that the world needs.

I’ve set up my own “screening” of the classic David Mickey Evans flick for the past 2 years on the 4th of July. It was a nice addition to an already awesome day. We had a BBQ on our back patio, and anytime guests would venture inside they would walk into whichever memorable scene happened to be playing at the time. The movie was on loop, so it just ran the entire day. Again it added to the atmosphere, but guests weren’t necessarily inside staring at a TV all day. So I got to thinking, what if there was an event specifically for this purpose?

I’m proposing a 24 hour marathon of The Sandlot.

David Mickey Evans’ cult classic, “The Sandlot.” — Flickr

After a substantial zone-out session at work, I concocted a few ways to make this dream a reality. In an ideal world it would be cool to have a legitimate 24 hour screening. Even more ideal would be showing the movie in a professional ballpark to really highlight the nostalgia factor. Obviously that presents a few issues. Between scheduling, affordability, and the idea that only one city/area could potentially participate, this may not be the best option.

Side note: Videology, A bar in Brooklyn, NY actually has a full screening room. A venue like this might work well, aside from the fact that they’d have to stay open for 24 hours. I actually attended a screening of the original Ghostbusters where they had a marshmallow roast during the climactic ending. Um…Ham’s famous s’mores scene while eating actual s’mores? Yes, please.

The fact is, this is something (no offense to Brooklyn) that everyone should get to experience and enjoy. That brought me to the idea of streaming. Pitch the idea to one of the many streaming platforms, whether that’s Netflix, Hulu, or a smaller market service like Vimeo. Again, there would be some issues. There are people who sometimes only have a select few of these services, if any. The streaming route begs the question…if the movie is already available wherever and whenever viewers want, what’s the incentive to tune in for a one day marathon?

The easiest and most realistic option would be to have a TV network pick it up on a certain day of the year. I’m thinking something in the same vein as “24 hours of A Christmas Story” on TBS & TNT.

“24 hours of A Christmas Story” first aired on TNT in 1997. — Flickr

Especially now that TBS is home to Major League Baseball games, they could potentially tap into the baseball demographic with a sandlot marathon. Much like A Christmas Story, The Sandlot is family friendly and the popularity of the 24 hour format only solidifies the fact that this could be successful for years to come. July 4th was fun in that it added to the spirit of our BBQ, but I can almost guarantee that the majority of people aren’t going to be sitting inside watching TV on a gorgeous Fourth of July. I’d suggest early Spring or Fall so baseball is still in season, but viewers are more likely to stay in and watch a “television event.”

Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez taught us how to get out of a rundown. Hamilton “Ham” Porter showed us how to hit the long ball. And Denis Leary reminded us that not all stepdads are terrible human beings. What better way to celebrate this baseball classic than with a 24 hour marathon. I’ll meet all of you nay-sayers in the comment section.

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