Tekoso Media Targeted By Alt-Right Smear Campaign

My company Tekoso Media is in the process of compiling data for a lawsuit against various alt-right vloggers and bloggers who have been posting unfounded conspiracy theories and lies about me and my business.

These people took part in a fake news smear campaign against me because I filed legit copyright complaints against them for using a graphic I created without permission. They are calling my copyright claim “fraudulent” and saying Tekoso Media is a “shell company” despite the fact that they have zero evidence to substantiate this claim and I can provide plenty of evidence to the contrary.

Their words and actions have led neo-Nazis to send death threats to me, and have led to numerous alt-right “researchers” to post private information about my business and my family online. Thus far, the people who started this are liable for copyright infringement and libel in a civil suit, and cyber harassment in a criminal charge.

If you have any information or have found some pages on the internet making outlandish claims about Tekoso Media being a "shell company" that works for the DNC, or that I am a "pro-assassination" radical, please forward the URLs and screenshots to zachary@tekoso.com so that I can forward it to my lawyer.

For the record, Tekoso Media is the name of my freelancing web developer business. There isn't a lot of information about the business because most of the work I do is back-end for small clients in the internet marketing world, but that doesn't mean it's a "shell company" trying to silence alt-right news. I really don't care what anyone says online, as long as it's not lies about me, as long as they aren’t doxing me and my family, and as long as they aren't stealing my artwork to use for financial gain. I believe in free speech, I don't believe in supporting fake news and harassment.

Once the lawsuit is filed, I will be able to speak more about it. In the meantime, please do not trust anything you read about Tekoso Media being a shell company working for the DNC to silence people who talk about Seth Rich. It’s verifiably false and anyone who wants their questions answered can simply write to me and ask.