I used to save lives

…Or end them. Not directly mind you, my responsibility was insuring clear and constant communication utilized in several different ways. Anywhere from medical evacuations to fire missions.

Nine lines.

Today, we seek out classifications or labels for groups we belong to or interests we have. We wear our thoughts with pride publicly and rarely take a moment to see anything from a different perspective. Even more so, lacking the desire to listen to a group that may have something contrary to say, or identifies differently.

Service members injured in a combat zone don’t have this luxury.

They aren't organized by their religious preference, race, sexual orientation, or even age. It’s all cut down into nine simple lines, only one of which seeks to get any type of personal information and this is to determine an individuals status; military or civilian, US or not, and EPW. Essentially, for an idea of where they will be treated.

Your personal beliefs while you lay in wait, most likely with a tourniquet wrapped around an appendage you won’t be able to use again, matter fuck all in the end.

They represent you, and all of your entitled thoughts that you feel others should abide by.

In a situation of life and death, what bathroom you use holds very little importance. Whether you believe the supplemental nutrition assistance program (SNAP) is free money for those Americans refusing to work, and they should be drug tested before ever receiving these benefits. No question on your views for health care or education. Not even your god is considered.

My desire to find common ground rests solely on this principal.

During my military service, I was not allowed a voice on social media. Service members are prohibited from commenting on government actions, even more so to opposed views.

In Afghanistan, I was monitoring the communication channel we send out these types of request on, and overhear of a incident that left a Marine severely losing blood from three of his four limbs.

The urgency to pick this Devil Dog up was through the roof, and we were in a bit of a bind based on our current operations. I can watch it as the chat passes, “We need someone here ASAP” their Sergeant Major comes across pleading for any available assistance.

Scrambling to get a bird headed to the injury, the unit is still coming over the radio.

…Those same nine lines. No face to go with the request, no information outside of US-military distinction from the call, all that was needed for the sense of urgency.

We lost that Marine. To this day, I only know his unit, and I can still hear those requests coming over the radio up until . Could be African, Caucasian, man, woman, Buddhist, Catholic, straight, homosexual, Republican, Liberal, or any other adjective that dehumanizes people.

That persons whole existence marked in nine pieces of information, eight of which are information about the situation, not the person.

How quickly we are to disregard another’s view. We continue to exclude ourselves, and dehumanize each other to the point there seems to be no progress in the country or even a desire to work to find a solution for all.

While all the while, their are brave Americans perishing with nothing more than a name in an article in the weekly paper, and the term hero being bestowed on them.

I wonder what bathroom he would use, or how he would feel about Common Core. Coke or pepsi man. Drove Japanese or American made. Would he even care, or be too busy serving those around him?

You know, like he was in Afghanistan, for you.

For you to put your fellow citizens down.

For you to argue in regards to how you feel someone else should live.

Realize how easy your life is, and think to those who are sitting in a six foot hand dug hole with their own shit in the bottom hating their lives so that you can continue to be some entitled prick pushing your own personal beliefs on any fellow American.

No one has the right to dictate the life of another. Any form of attempt to is terrorism.

When will we be able to rejoice for the abilities that we do have as Americans instead of being offended by someone else’s rights.

I hope before it’s too late.

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