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So Ok I’ve had 2 home invasions in 3 months and I live in a safe part of town. Hillary Clinton has made it clear she doesn’t think the second amendment limits the government in anyway and she doesn’t believe it protects an individual’s right to own firearms. She doesn’t believe in concealed carry and she doesn’t believe in having weapons that are actually capable of defense. Bottom line is she wants your guns. This is why you will NEVER hear a democrat say we are going this far and no further. Because their end goal is your guns in their possession so you can’t stand up to them. That’s what it’s about. But wait, someone is going to say I’m being paranoid and that can’t happen…only it has in china, in korea, in german, in russia and elsewhere. Ask any nation that has imposed strict gun laws how they like them and they will tell you they don’t. And Clinton wants to force you to be like them. Only a stupid fucking idiot would like their rights and vote for Clinton.

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