What a load of bullshit.
Zachary Stein

Nice, an article from Newsweek. I highly recommend you actually read the wikipedia article on the 2016 DNC convention. The ensuing scandal resulted in the CFO, the CEO, the Director of Communications, and the Chairwoman all stepping down from their positions because the emails clearly proved that not only was the Clinton campaign conspiring with the DNC, but they also were attempting to subvert the media to their narrative, the very same media that you are now using to prove your case. The articles main premise is that by the time the scandal broke, the race was already lost. Nobody is disputing this and if you buy this line of crap-reasoning as proof that there was no wrong-doing than you are exactly the face of the problem with the democratic process in this country.

Also, I can’t help but notice that you, and the article, do nothing to address the cover up and foot dragging by the clinton campaign — which is the real disgusting part of all of this.

Sorry things didn’t go your way, but don’t expect everyone to be bullied into voting for someone they don’t like.

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