Why did Google suppress auto-complete for “Clinton Body Count”?

Learn how to detect when Google is lying about auto-complete’s political bias.

Zachary Vorhies
Aug 19 · 2 min read

When someone searches for “trump body c” Google will suggest the following:

Now try the same thing for “clinton body c”:

Notice that Google omits every single prediction. Why is this? According to Google, all the Google search predictions are built off of user search data:


According to Google’s public statements, if there isn’t a search prediction then it’s because there is no one searching for that term. This would be fine and dandy if it weren’t for Google’s other service: trends.google.com which shows the real search traffic.

The historical results from the Trends service are much harder to erase and hide. This means we can cross-referencing search terms between auto-complete predictions and the Trends service to detect when Google is suppressing political search terms.

Below is a reminder of Google’s official position regarding their political biasing practices:

To find out more about how Google shapes the narrative in real time with human operators, check out “Project Purple Rain” in the file Fwd_ Fake News-letter 11_27_ Efforts to combat spread of (mis_dis)information — Google Groups.pdf file in the Fake News section of the Project Veritas release.

We are the news.

Update: A few hours after this article posted this happened:


Update 2:


Zachary Vorhies

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Technophile working in Silicon Valley and mass media.

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