Who is America — What Is It Trying To Change?

Earlier today I saw the second episode of King Slayer Baron Cohen’s new show “Who is America?”. On top of laughing hysterically, cringing, feeling so awkward I literally stood up out of my chair, and generally feeling depressed…

I wondered: It’s been a week or two since these aired. What’s happened to these fucktards?

So like any good pre-millennial I took to google to find out…

The first result (with no ad’s in the results which is rare and strange) was an article from Esquire’s Matt Miller (article link) articulating the thoughts of what I believe to be the vast majority of those who will see the show:

Republicans should have skewered Jason Spencer in the public square with his bare ass showing. The in the same exact style that we all learned we needed to be embare-assed for him. But, they haven’t. They’ve largely just ignored his screaming the n-word, and using his bare ass to fight off terrorists all together. So, what’s Sacha Baron Cohen’s aim? What’s this trying to change?

Who is America? is on showtime so the audience is limited, and republicans aren’t gonna watch the show. I mean come on … it makes some choice republicans look like the shit-head in a farcical parody comedy about the worst serotypes of Middle America.

Think: American Pie as a Political Comedy. Stiffler enters. He drinks his friends piss & cum by accident, walks his way into getting pissed on, is continually caught pretending to be better than he, and then his frenemy fucks his mom. Roll credits.

But the last line in Miller’s article really got me thinking.

What, if anything, is Cohen trying to change?

It’s obvious he’s not trying to change the people that guest star on the show, ‘cause that would be a different and much shitter 30 minutes of television.

It’s also pretty apparent to me that he’s not trying to change the opinions of other extremists within the alt-right of America, because he’s sooooooooo over-the-top with the characters, questions, and plot lines.

So who is King Slayer Baron Cohen trying to affect (or influence)?

Some will argue that it’s aimed at the moderates who might be on the fence on the fence. I like that argument because he shows a REAL NEWS MAN get up and walk out on one of his characters. Something none of the republicans do, even when you can see Dick Cheney squeamishly uncomfortable with the direction of their conversation.

It’s like King Slayer Baron Cohen wants to show the audience, they’re free to do the same. You don’t have to sit through time with people /parties / candidates / clubs that don’t fit with your internal sense of morality.

But, I don’ think that’s it and here’s why….

#1 — He shows a lovely southern couple. That behaves very tolerant and gentile. Their gender roles are non-traditional as she works and he takes care of the home.

They’re clearly very conservative. I’m pretty sure they are a stereo-type couple for southern closeted gay men, but thats neither here nor there. They were incredibly polite, respectful, and really the model of what we would all wish from the discourse among those who don’t agree.

So showcasing that this truly perfectly American appearing couple doesn’t really promote the idea of moving fence sitters to one side or the other.

#2 — I like to consider myself one of those people capable of rational thought and lovingly applies it to many of the minutes of my lifetime. And, I like ideas that both of the Political Parties have used in their platforms over the years.

Lower Taxes? Bet Your Ass!

Support the troops? Damn Fuckin’ Right!!

Better Education System? Let’s Get Moving!

Healthcare for those who can’t afford it? Fuck Yeah! This is America — We take care of our people.

And considering that the political team I side with most changes largely due to the spectrum shifting as opposed to my beliefs shifting. I don’t think he’s hoping to affect people like me. We’re pretty sure of where we stand right now, and this type of comedic “gotcha” isn’t gonna change it cause most of us are already leaning toward the left side of the fence.

So who or what is this trying to change?

I think it’s aimed at a younger less jaded, more impressionable audience. The post-ethernet, post-ebay, post-twitter generation that doesn’t quite remember what freedom really is. The generation that knows nothing other than handing all their personal info over to Facebook, and Google, and Instagram and whatever app needs it so they can get their fix. I think it’s aimed at the generation that doesn’t have a link to the stories of civil rights leaders, union leaders, mob prosecutors, innovators, those who protested, those who volunteered, and those who gave their lives.

The generation that’s never seen a President leave office before the end of a term. I am one of them. We are They.

The people that Sacha interviews are the ones who threaten this generations most basic freedoms.

The freedom to learn and self educate

The freedom to live free from persecution for how we were born.

The freedom to assemble and dissent.

But most importantly, the freedom to use our actions to make a statement.

To this demographic, the realities of the political spectrum haven’t been solidified. And while the NRA is coming for your children at the age of 3. King Slayer is making his clips 5–10 minutes long (as he used to) to satisfy the short attention span of the hyper connected and the apathetic.

Generally speaking less than 50% of 18–24 year olds vote. They’re not watching CNN, MSNCB, or FOX … because they DON’T HAVE FUCKING CABLE.

But, Showtime has a partnership with Hulu… and this show is absolutely fucking hilarious.

If their parents won’t stand the fuck up, and toss Jason Spencer on his stupid racists ass, then maybe they will one day. After all… the PC police is getting pretty strong (so I’ve heard).