San Junipero

Glittered beaches

Forever dusk with lavender skies

Lost in dreams of sunset cliffs

Waves crest clementine cream

With silhouette gulls

Sea spray, warm and soft

Salt lips and wet tongue

Twilight glow in angel eyes


Like love

In love

In a dream

Wasting precious moments

Those hard to find

Those hard to cherish

Bleary eyed moonlight moments

Where sparks hit the fan

And it’s messy

And gorgeous

Moments where things don’t always

End in romance and beauty

Where the day settles like weary eyes

Night, a peace you fought for

Where it’s not all light and dark

It’s grey

Concrete and monsoon

Where sleep is enough

Where this is enough

Moments where things do end

In romance and beauty

And no one gets to choose

Where it happens or why

Or if this feeling will last forever

No one knows

How much glitter and stardust nestles

Into the glowing pocket of horizon

It glitters without anyone’s permission

And it almost feels like a dream