Why You Should Memorize your Value Proposition

Today there are thousands and thousands of companies, agencies, and technologies, all competing for your client’s time. It can be overwhelming when we see the number of follower’s or views that someone else achieves. And sometime’s it feels like they don’t even try for that 100,000 subscribers, but you worked 10 extra hours that week, just to get 2 more.

If you want to create a more memorable brand, you MUST create a Value Proposition. If you don’t have one, or haven’t thought of what you even value in yourself, stop what you’re working on, read the rest of this article, and then create your own!

So What is a Value Proposition?

You’ve probably heard of an Elevator Pitch, or maybe a Mission Statement. And the Value Proposition has elements of both of those. A Value proposition is: an innovation, service, or feature intended to make a company or product attractive to customers.

For Real Estate Agents, it can be hard to think of yourself as a service or product, but just like any other company, brand, or product, you have value too! You just have to learn to see what those values are and how you can showcase them for your clients.

So How Do We Create a Value Proposition?

There are 4 things to creating a great Value Proposition:

1. What Talents, skills, or abilities do you already posses?

2. What do other people constantly say when they talk about you?

3. Why did you decide to get into Real Estate?

4. What knowledge do I already have about certain skills, strengths, or weaknesses, can I improve on showcasing to my clients?

What Talents, Skills, or Abilities Do You Already Posses?

Whether you believe it or not, we are all naturally good at something. Some people are good at communicating, others are good with numbers, maybe you’re good with technology, or know where the trends are going in the current market. Whatever it is, look within yourself and find out what makes you, you.

What Do Other People Constantly Say About You When They Talk Positively About You?

Now, if you don’t think anyone is saying anything positive about you, or if you haven’t ever paid attention when they do, start developing the skill of accepting compliments. You can do this by asking a family member, close friend, or even work associate, what they like about working with you or what the one skill that stands out about you might be. And don’t just ask one. Ask at least 5 people if you’re unsure and write it down! They have the same perspective that your clients will, so this one is huge!

Focus On Why You Decided to Get into Real Estate

All of us got into Real Estate for one reason or another. Maybe you grew up in the business and it’s in your blood, maybe you really love houses and assisting someone else in finding a good one, or if you’re like me, you love achieving goals that you have control over, and want to achieve Financial Freedom to live the life you were meant to. There is no bad reason for being in this business, unless you really don’t want to. If there is something else you think you might be good at, do that instead, but no matter what, find your WHY.

What Knowledge do I have, but need to practice executing the skills or actions to become better at?

We all have something that we know we should do, but keep avoiding. Set a goal, like Gary Keller says, to focus on, “The One Thing,” that by doing so will eliminate the need for all others. And don’t forget the power of affirmations! No one is perfect. The only thing that matters is believing that we can improve and that nothing is impossible. Your growth mindset is everything. And I’m sure you already know, you need a big one to work in this business.

So once you’ve solidified your Value Proposition, Write it down, and Memorize it! Then when someone asks you at a door, or on the phone, or at an event, why they should hire you, it will become second nature.

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