The second ETHDenver2020 gaming talk I attended was Ben Heidorn of Blockade Games, presenting on “The Mainstream Blockchain Game Infrastructure.” I was excited about this talk, and it did not disappoint.

Ben set out to walk through his experiences at Blockage games, bringing blockchain gaming to mainstream audiences with games like Neon District, Plasma Bears, and The Pineapple Arcade.

In my first post about blockchain gaming at ETHDenver 2020, we looked at the CelerX platform. Blockade Games is quite different from CelerX in their approach, style, and games.

CelerX is an eSports gaming platform in which users can wager crypto…

I visited two talks related to blockchain gaming at ETHDenver 2020, and I wanted to provide a quick rundown of what I found to be some of the more exciting concepts, ideas, and games.

In part one, I’ll talk about Mo Dong from Celer presenting on how to “Build & Monetize eSport Games Under 20 Minutes with State Channels”. The CelerX gaming platform is built on the Celer network (whitepaper) which operates on the CELR token.

CelerX is a blockchain gaming platform that recently went live on the Ethereum mainnet. …

I’ve been toying with this idea for awhile and decided it might be a good time to give it a go. The theme/concept is pretty simple:

In the first episode I get into The Rise of The DAO. I’m working on the second part of that now, The Fall of The DAO. Have a listen on the site Into The Abyss.

I’m reasonably sure that my first exposure to Bitcoin came though a Slashdot article in 2011. While it would be a bit before I got my hands on my first Bitcoin, I distinctly recall being frustrated that I was only going to be able to mine one BTC per month on my laptop. It felt like I was too late to the party, and Bitcoin was merely one of several emerging technologies on my radar at the time.

None the less, I kept at it. Mining was easy enough, even if the payout didn’t amount to much. A couple of…

A couple years ago I started work on a podcast about disinformation in a post-truth world. The idea was pretty simple — Mostly inspired by frustrations around how much mis/dis-information I was seeing in my feeds, I figured it could be fun to analyze and explore some of the different technical methods behind spreading disinformation.

After putting out 4 episodes I got distracted with work and other things and didn’t keep it going. Fast forward to now and I’m giving it a go again. While a lot has changed in the past couple years i’m also finding there to be…

A couple hours ago I got an email that my domain, would be expiring in 14 days. I had initially purchased the domain in 2015 for a project that I had been scheming on since early 2013.

The initial idea stemmed from a very simple premise: I wanted a secure, self sovereign way to log my personal data. An example I like to start with focuses around what books I had read.

A very basic MVP would allow me to add a book to Ledge so that I could easily retrieve it later on. Technically speaking, one key requirement…

August 3rd & 4th we’re putting on our Digital Currency and Distributed Web conference in Boulder, CO. Short for Distributed Consensus, DISCON is an attempt to build the event that we thought was missing from the Digital Currency space. While our team is not new to event planning, we have learned a LOT in the past few months. With DISCON just under 50 days out, I want to take a few minutes to discuss six reasons that might compel you to attend.

1. Quality Content

As a long time infosec conference attendee and speaker, it was paramount to me that we set the…

In early November of 2017 I found myself on a flight to Cancun, Mexico for the Ethereum developers conference. My stress levels were high. I had recently quit my long standing corporate info sec job at Tanium to pursue an independent venture in the digital currency space. Oh, and I also had a new baby at home that wasn’t fond of sleep.

As I boarded the flight to Cancun one of my websites was suffering yet another DDoS attack. On one hand, the attention was a clear indication that things were taking off. …


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