Design for Tension

The working prototype of the bot.

For this project, we were given the task of creating a chat-bot that would inform and explain a topic of our choosing. When brainstorming our ideas for what the chat-bot would talk about, everyone in our group on the general topic of robots and job automation. Below is our board of ideas that we used for the chat-bot. From left to right you see the main topics and then sub-topics, respectively.

Building the Chat-bot

When creating the chat-bot, we wanted to give it a polite and understanding tone. We decided on this because we want people to feel more welcomed when talking to the bot. Because the main topic involves something that can be understood as a threat, making the chat-bot so that it could deliver the message in a neutral, informative manner would make it easier for the users to continue interacting with it.

User Testing

One of the biggest issue we ran into when users were testing the bot was the flow of the communication. Some users suggested having more choice within the chat. There reasons for this were because the conversation with the bot was led by the use of buttons. Users felt as though they did not have an option to jump anywhere in the conversation. In addition to this, users were not persuaded by the information being provided. Users claimed that they learned from the overall experience, but their minds were not changed. They suggested that we use more pictures in the chat instead of providing articles for the user to read. With a visual representation, users stated, they are able to make a quick decision because the data is being presented. Below are some of the users chatting with the bot.