Hard Truths

Fellow progressives,

What a journey this has been. If you’re like me, you’ve spent the past 15 months fighting your heart out for a once-in-a-lifetime presidential candidate. We’ve stood behind a politician who is honest, genuine and pure. Unlike Hillary, Bernie has fought his entire life to speak up for those without a voice. He’s also taken unpopular stances for the greater good of humanity. And unlike his former opponent, Bernie Sanders is a leader, not a follower.

Together, we’ve come such a long way. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign surpassed all expectations and we’ve brought the political revolution to the forefront. Bernie has shined a light on issues I never knew existed. And if you’re like me, you’re more informed about the world and our government than you have ever been. That’s a victory in itself.

Although Bernie Sanders is now a household name, he always said this movement was never about him or hinged to this election. We faced obstruction and deep corruption from DNC, Clinton campaign and mainstream media. Now we must fight to preserve our movement and create room for the political revolution to grow.

Centrist democrats are not our friends. But they are not our enemy. Personally, I despise Hillary Clinton and the unethical steps she and the DNC took to guarantee her nomination. This will be difficult, but I will not let my emotions get in the way of the progress we can make. I will never support a corporate democrat. But, I will no longer campaign against Hillary Clinton, either.

This is a hard truth and not easy to say. Like Bernie, now is the time to set aside our feelings of frustration, resentment, helplessness and betrayal. It’s time to realize that the countless hours of work and our hard earned donations won’t be wasted if Hillary becomes president. Call this fear mongering if you wish, but the reality is a Donald Trump presidency will practically obliterate all the progress we have made.

I’m not with her. But I am against him!

Don’t get me wrong. I will never wear a Hillary pin or donate to the Clinton campaign. I will not promote establishment politics. And I will never fall in line. But we must look out for the preservation of our movement.

What I will do is continue to register new voters and fight voter suppression. I will support progressive democrats locally (school board, city council, etc.) and across my state. And together, we can elect a Brand New Congress. Like Bernie says, real change always starts from the bottom up. And it’s up to us to continue building a foundation for our progressive movement. This is Our Revolution.

It’s not my place to tell anyone how to vote. However, I hope anyone living in a swing state will vote with the Democratic Party. If you live in a safe state (mostly red or mostly blue) then vote however you wish — send a message to the establishment by writing in Bernie or supporting Jill Stein.

The hard, sad truth is that we only have two possible outcomes for the presidential election. And Hillary must defeat Donald Trump for our revolution to continue. Only with a democrat in office (corporatist as she may be) will the political revolution continue having room to grow. A Trump presidency would bring about chaos, including mass deportations and elimination of the minimum wage. If Trump is elected, many revolutionaries may abandon ship and once again settle for the status quo of establishment politics because it will pale in comparison to a fascist regime.

Friends, I hate that this is our reality. I have grown to despise Clinton for her dishonesty and campaign’s dirty tricks. But it’s time to face reality and check our privilege at the door. We must look at the big picture and to the future of our movement. Under Clinton, we will have room to continue building momentum and our progressive movement will continue to grow. If elected, she will be the most disliked president in modern history. We must stay involved and hold her accountable to the promises she has made. Hillary will be as good or bad as we collectively make her. I believe her disapproval will only continue to grow and Americans will see what a mistake we have made.

We fought hard. We lost this battle. But the war continues. The success of our movement was never dependent on Bernie winning the nomination. If we all stand together, progressives like you and me will be triumphant. Now is the time to lick our wounds and move forward.

In solidarity,

Zach Bulls

Bernie Sanders volunteer and supporter for life.