Satellite image of the bombed Saudi oil facilities

Many have recently accused Trump of acting as a pawn for Saudi Arabia’s interests, after Trump said the US was “locked and loaded” waiting on “confirmation” that a drone attack on an oil facility on the eastern coast of Saudi Arabia was launched by Iran. The bombing caused Saudi Arabia to shut down “about half of its oil outputs.” But, as with so many US government claims, there’s very little merit to prove Iran was behind the attack: the Houthis, engaged in a brutal Yemeni civil war while simultaneously fighting off Saudi aggression, have the capability, have claimed responsibility, and…

Yemeni child found dead after a Saudi airstrike. Photo credit to Khaled Abdullah

Helen Lackner is a research associate at the London Middle East Institute, and has lived in Yemen throughout her life for over 15 years. She has recently published an amazing book titled “Yemen in Crisis: autocracy, neoliberalism, and the disintegration of a state.” It will be published in the US by Verso books next June. She regularly contributes to Open Democracy.

I recently asked her these questions:

Talk about Yemen’s recent past and how it got to where it is today. How did the civil war start, and why did the Saudis, Emirates, Americans, all get involved?

The 2011 popular…

Thousands gather for a pro-government rally in Venezuela.

Dark-skinned Venezuelans worry every day about the possibility of a failed government, about losing their homes, their social programs, and the sense of control over their lives they felt they had only a few years ago. The United States government, after assessing the situation (and taking into account the fact that Venezuela has the world’s largest reserves of oil), has decided to go forth with a plan that aims to massively strangle the Venezuelan economy, “sort of like in Star Wars, when Darth Vader constricts somebody’s throat”, according to one senior Trump administration official. …

Zach Campbell

Student and writer.

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