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Some notes.

  • I’ll grudgingly put Stockton at number 2. I’d accept 3. Anything lower is pure jackassery. Ike and CP3 might crack the top ten. Maybe. No PG is more overrated than Isiah Thomas. I also don’t have a lot of patience for players who cry all the time (see: Ike and CP3).
  • Hayward isn’t going to Boston. Salt Lake is a nice town, and all Boston fans are dicks (this includes Celtics, Patriots, and Red Sox fans, of course). Scientific fact. Also, Hayward likes winning, and Utah can compete in the Western Conference. That’s as opposed to that d-league conference you’re running in the East. 51 wins for the Jazz, who were the most injured team this season? Plop the Jazz in the Eastern Conference, and they’re the 2 seed, without even considering how many more wins they’d have with that cushy East schedule.
  • Go to basketball reference and compare Stock and Paul. Hell, compare Stockton at 40 to Paul at 31. At least Stockton played all 82 games in his 19th season. If you want, compare Stockton and Paul at age 31. Stock assisted way more (12.6 vs. 9.2), shot better (53% vs. 48%), had more steals (2.4 vs 1.9). And yeah, played all 82 games.
  • If you want a real chuckle, pull Ike into that comparison. Isiah could talk trash, but he couldn’t hang with Stockton. Ike was maybe as good a PG as John Starks.

So short answer, shut up until you’ve corrected your ignorance. Go Jazz.

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